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Learning to See, Learning to Be, part 2

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Learning to See, Learning to Be, part 2

I revisited my calla lily that I talked about in the last post. Previously, I was drawn to a black and white version, and I still am. But I also wanted to work on the color image a bit more. I knew if I could tone down some of the yellows and the color, that I might find that the color did enhance things also. It was actually harder to process this in color and to create the image I found pleasing. But finally, I did. I mentioned in my last post that I had noticed the brown tip on the flower, a bit of an imperfection. I could have "fixed it" in photoshop, but . . . I noticed as I worked in color, that the brown tip started to look a bit like the beak of a bird to me, adding to the illusion of a bird in flight. So I left the little brown tip in the image. Sometimes imperfections actually add something beautiful.

For this image, I have not added a texture to the background, only because I have not yet found a texture I like with it. I think that printing it on a textured paper will enhance it greatly. The background is not blown out, and so will have a beautiful touch of color. It might also look nice printed on metal with a glossy surface. Then it will capture that light shining through the petals beautifully. And the background will be a creamy beautiful gloss. I am also experimenting with printing it on glass, and not having a backing, so that the image is translucent if placed in a window. I have to find a different printer to create this.

Sometimes it helps to revisit things and not be too quick to make judgments.

This calla lily image, "Calla Curves" can be found in my gallery, "Flowers and Greens".